Maxis’ games ‘The Sims’ and ‘”The Sims2”’(used to produce SimBee and Sim Jose are one of the best-selling gaming franchises of all time, appealing broadly to women as well as men. Players customize a family of virtual human beings, find them jobs, keep house, and go about the mundane tasks of everyday life. Sims must be fed, bathed, taken to the toilet, and kept comfortable and happy. It’s an odd and compelling combination of dollhouse and pet-care.

The Sims Online (used for the SimGallery Project) has brought the Sims into the communal environment of online gaming. Players still build homes and care for Sims, but can now combine efforts with other real people through their Sim avatars.
The Sims and Sims Online have proven to be a rich ground for innovation and invention, and have spawned a huge fan culture. Players circumvent the conventions of the game to create their own realities. The accessible domestic metaphor and mix-and-matchable elements (costumes, props, furniture) provide fuel for endless recombination. The online game already has a burgeoning arts community doing performances of Shakespeare and inventing visual art forms unique to the TSO world.

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